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Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

Our firm of solicitors have the expertise to deal with a variety of contentious issues including;

Civil Litigation


Do you believe you are being harassed? Have you been accused of harassment? We can help ensure that if you are being harassed that the necessary measures are being implemented, whether that be enforcing a Harassment Order or ensuring a Harassment Order is granted.

Have you been accused Harassment and cannot understand why? Have you been served with a Harassment Order and do not understand what it means or why? We can help to make sure if you have been wrongly accused, the Court hears your views and if you do not understand why, the terms are thoroughly explained.

Debt recovery issues

Did you have work done by a Cowboy Builder? Paid more money than you should? Paid money that you never saw the results for? Should you be owed money by a professional or individual then we can help with its recovery. There are a wide range of options available in this field. Our professionals can ensure that if you have been taken advantage of the right judgment is applied for.

Boundary disputes

Are you trying to enforce a right that your neighbours are refusing to recognise you have? Do you have a shared drive that your neighbours are refusing to share? Does your neighbour try and enforce a right you do not believe exists?

Neighbourly disputes can range from who is responsible for maintaining the hedgerow to being given access to your property. Our solicitors are on hand to ensure that if you have a right to enjoy your property in a particular way, you can and if you do not currently, whether or not you should. We can help ensure that any restrictions or rights on your property are being upheld and applied.

Tenancy agreements

Whether your problem is with a tenant, private landlord or a local council contact us to help resolve the matter.

We can prepare your tenancy agreement for you and help you with problem tenants including Repossession Orders. If you wish to appoint a Court Bailiff we can do that for you.

If you are a tenant and believe your landlord is acting improperly, whether it be they are wanting to increase your rent, they are refusing to carry out repairs or they are threatening to evict you, contact us to see how we can help.

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